Saaren Taika

Saaren Taika

  • All products are hand-made of 100 per cent natural raw materials.
  • We only use plant-based raw materials in our products.
  • We dot not test on animals, nor use ingredients that are tested on animals.

Saaren Taika® scented laundry vinegar is natural and efficient fabric softener that is kind on nature and totally biodegradable.
Scented laundry vinegar softens fabric and impart antistatic properties, but does not coat the surface of the fabric and impair absorbency like other fabric softeners.

Saaren Taika® artisan soaps are genuine hand-made soaps.
To ensure that the soaps are suitable even for sensitive skin is the number of carefully selected ingredients small. No artificial ingredients, perfumes or dyes have been used in their production.

Saaren Taika®™ Sheabutters contain A and E vitamins, UV shield (approx. PSF 6), fatty acids (such as palmitic, stearic and linoleic acids) as well as other therapeutic and vital ingredients for skin and hair.
Shea butter is used for skin on the face, hands and body due to its moisturising ingredients. It can help with treating eczema, psoriasis and acne. It softens calluses, prevents skin and scalp itching, fungal infections, wrinkles, zits, dermal infections, and soothes sunburns and rheumatism. Moreover, Shea butter can be used to remedy rashes and reduce stretch marks. Shea butter is fully free from all chemical processing.

Koko Saaren Taika -tuotevalikoima on vegaaninen, eli tuotteissa käytetään ainoastaan kasvisperäisiä ainesosia. Tuotteita ei testata eläimillä, eikä niiden valmistukseen käytetä eläimillä testattuja raaka-aineita.


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